Become a School-based Big

Mentoring matches participate in a variety of activities, such as reading together, going to the school library, working on homework, and participating in group activities.

School-based Mentoring

Being a volunteer “Big” is a rewarding, meaningful, and fun experience! Mentoring relationships have a huge impact; helping to increase a child’s educational expectations, attitudes towards risky behavior, and social skills.

School-based Bigs meet with a child or “Little” at their elementary school during one of our scheduled on-site mentoring times. Students meet with volunteer mentors weekly during or after the school day at one of 10 partner elementary or middle school locations. We ask Bigs to meet with their Little once a week during the school year for at least 18 months (three semesters.) Matches will work on homework, play games, and enjoy interactive activities together!

All interaction between children and mentors is overseen by Big Brothers Big Sisters’ professional staff to ensure child safety, coach mentoring matches through difficult situations, and monitor progress toward goals.

Bigs and Littles are matched based on similar interests, personalities, and experiences.

  • A Big Brother is matched with a Little Brother 6-16 years old.
  • A Big Sister can be matched with either a Little Sister 6-16 years old, or a Little Brother 6-10.

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