School-based Mentoring

Bigs and Littles meet at the same time each week at a Milwaukee or Waukesha school and focus on homework, play educational games, and enjoy interactive activities that promote academic success.

Education-Focused, Teacher-Approved

Students meet with volunteer mentors weekly during or after the school day at one of our partner elementary or middle school locations. 

Through the support of their mentors, children develop positive attitudes toward school, achieve higher grades, become more confident, and improve relationships with adults and peers. 

Mentoring matches participate in a variety of activities, such as reading together, going to the school library, working on homework, participating in group activities, or playing on the playground. 

All interaction between children and mentors is overseen by Big Brothers Big Sisters’ professional staff to ensure child safety, coach mentoring matches through difficult situations, and monitor progress toward goals.

Staying in Touch Over the Summer

In order to ensure that matches continue to thrive during the summer months, Bigs and Littles exchange postcards and letters through the Summer Bridge Program. The Program enables matches to share what is going on in their lives, and reminds the Little that their Big is excited to see them in the Fall. Additionally, BBBS coordinates special summer events where Littles, their caregivers and Bigs can connect.