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Enrollment for this program is seasonal.

What is mentor2.0?
mentor2.0 is a proven, technology-enriched mentoring program for high school students. It provides support and guidance, helping high school students graduate and succeed in both college and the workforce.

As a mentor, you will:
• Help improve the graduation rates of first generation college students.
• Help catalyze a student's future success by increasing college enrollment.
• Help prepare a student to succeed after high school. 

How it works?
• Mentors will be matched with a high school student, typically a junior, and work with them through a curriculum that builds skills for college and career success.
• Mentors and mentees interact weekly online and meet monthly in-person at the school.
• Professional guidance is provided by Big Brothers Big Sisters staff.

Mentor requirements?
• mentor2.0 volunteers must be at least 21 years old, have a college degree or equivalent combination of education, training, or experience, and commit to being a mentor for at least two years.
• Professionals with real life work experience are encouraged to apply.

What does the curriculum focus on?
• Relationship Building: Fosters a strong mentor/mentee relationship through sharing professional experiences, networking skills, short/long-term goal planning, and leadership development.
• Non-Cognitive Skills: Develops study skills, social skills, and learning strategies to enhance students’ educational achievement.
• College Knowledge: Strengthens college aspirations, and builds an understanding of college eligibility, the application process, and support systems.

Next steps?
Fill out the online inquiry form or contact our Customer Relations Specialist at (414) 831-4563 to learn more.
• Meet with a Big Brothers Big Sisters staff for a virtual interview and complete Volunteer Pre-match training.
• Once approved, matches are made when classes begin in the fall, and are based on shared interests, personalities, and experiences.

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