School-based Mentoring Locations

About the Sites

Each School-based mentoring location is a little different. There are large sites with more than 30 matches, medium-sized sites with between 10 and 30 matches, and small sites with less than 10 matches. Some sites are affiliated with a corporation. Other sites seek to promote mentoring among Hispanic youth. Pick a mentoring location that meets at a good time for your busy schedule and is easy to reach by bus. Also, read through the descriptions to learn more about each one.

Milwaukee Schools

Bethune Academy BBBS has been at Bethune since 2004. It is a medium-sized site. Most of the mentors are from Harley Davidson Corporation and MU.

Cass Street School Cass is a medium-sized site. While there are many games to play, Connect Four Launchers (the extreme version of Connect Four) has been the game of choice.

Catholic East Elementary School Catholic East has been working with BBBS for the past 10 years. Catholic East matches have been known to partake in intense kickball matches in which no one keeps score. It is a medium-sized site.

Forest Home Avenue Elementary School Forest Home is a medium-sized site. While matches start their meetings by doing homework in the school cafeteria, most matches eventually end up in the gym or outside. Forest Home is a MetLife Foundation Site, which seeks to promote mentoring for Hispanic youth. Twana is the SC and Christiana is the SM and MSS at Forest Home.

Hartford Avenue University School Matches have been meeting at Hartford for the past 6 years. Since Hartford is located at the heart of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s campus, there are many UWM students who partake in BBBS at this site.  It is the largest BBBS site.

MacDowell Montessori School BBBS has been meeting at MacDowell since 2007. It is a large site and has the largest pool of volunteers from Marquette University.

Maryland Avenue Montessori In 2010, BBBS started meeting at Maryland Avenue Montessori. It is a medium-sized site.  Matches meet both during and after school.

Vieau School (Escuela Vieau) Matches began meeting at Vieau in 2012. It is a smaller site. Vieau is a MetLife Foundation Site, which seeks to promote mentoring for Hispanic youth.

Waukesha Schools

Hadfield Elementary School Matches began meeting at Hadfield in 2012. Hadfield is a small BBBS site. SC Shannon views the school as her baby. “It is the first site I started. The school is really welcoming and truly appreciates BBBS. The kids are enthusiastic about the program and refer their friends,” she said.

Whittier Elementary School Whittier is a medium-sized site. A notable feature of this site has been the engagement between parents, Bigs, and Littles. Parents and Bigs have been able to meet at BBBS events, which can really help strengthen a match.