Mentoring Locations


Partner Schools

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee offers mentoring at several locations throughout Milwaukee and Waukesha. Volunteers and children meet one-on-one at the school once a week for 1-2 hours. Our staff supervises their time together, provides games and projects, and occasionally offers planned activities for all participants to enjoy.

Interested volunteers are encouraged to contact our office today for current openings and to begin the application process for mentoring at the following locations. 

Milwaukee Schools Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Bethune Academy
1535 N 35st St
3:00-5:30 3:00-5:30
Cass Street Elementary
1647 N Cass St
11:30-12:30 11:30-12:30
Catholic East Elementary
2461 Murray Ave
3:15-4:15 3:15-4:15
Forest Home Avenue Elementary
1516 W Forest Home Ave
3:15-4:45 3:15-4:45
Hartford University School
2227 E Hartford Ave
10:45-1:00 10:45-1:00 10:45-1:00 10:45-1:00
Keefe Ave Elementary
1618 W Keefe Ave
MacDowell Montessori
6415 W Mount Vernon Ave
11:00-1:00 10:00-2:00 10:00-2:00 10:00-2:00
Maryland Ave Montessori
2418 N Maryland Ave
11:00-2:00 11:00-2:00 11:00-2:00
Vieau Elementary
823 S 4th St
2:30-4:45 2:30-4:45 11:30-1:00