Mentor Resources

Mentor Network

The mentor2.0 team, with great support from mentors, has created a space where mentors can share information, ideas, resources, and more. This network is meant to be supplemental to your endeavors as a mentor and further connect you with the other mentors in your cohort. Furthermore, we wanted to include intentional space to build community and provide opportunity for more informal dialogue between mentors. 

Access the Mentor Network below by clicking the link to your cohort.

NOTE* First time users will require admin approval. To get approved, make a request to join your current cohort, and a mentor2.0 coordinator will follow up.

Class of 2020 Cohort

Class of 2021 Cohort

Additional class cohorts to come.

Teen Resources

Working with any age group has its successes and challenges and we want to support you in your great mentoring work with your teen mentee. We encourage you to always reach out to your mentor2.0 Coordinator with any questions or concerns but here are a few additional resources to aid you as you work as a mentor to a teen. If you come across any great resources that you’d like to see here, please pass it along to your Coordinator!

  1. Realistic and helpful tips for motivating teenagers
  2. Findings that report stronger affiliation for Latino teens and their culture leads to happier, healthier teens

College/Career Resources

Navigating the pathway to post-secondary success isn't always easy. Together we can make college and career readiness a reality for your mentee. Here are some additional resources to help guide your mentorship when addressing college opportunities and creating a plan for future achievements!

  1. MPS Team Up is a college access center helping MPS students prepare for college with free resources about admission, financial aid, and scholarships.

Access the list of collegiate panelists from our most recent Veritas Senior Event here!