School-based Volunteer Partners

About Our College Partners

Students from Carroll University, Marquette University, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee participate in the School-based Program. Many of the sites are located in the near vicinity of our College Partners:

Marquette University

Are you a Marquette student looking to be a mentor as part of a service learning course? Stop into the Center for Community Service in AMU 329 or check out their website.

Approximately 35% of campus Bigs are from Marquette. Of those, there are more than 60 students involved in the Marquette affiliate of Big Brothers Big Sisters. BBBS Marquette, which was founded in 1995, meets throughout the school year to discuss recruitment, retention and fundraising opportunities, which are led by the student organization to support the Milwaukee chapter. If you are interested in joining BBBS Marquette, contact one of the Co-Presidents of BBBS Marquette, Kate Herrmann or Pruthvi Patel.  Click to email Kate.  Click to email Pruthvi. 

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Are you a UWM student interested in earning a Student Service Certificate? Stop by UWM’s Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research in the campus Union or check out their website.

Approximately 50% of campus Bigs are from UWM. As a Big from UWM, you can travel to the School-based Site on your own, or work with the Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research to travel to the site in a UWM van with other students.

Carroll University

Are you a Carroll student interested in strengthening your educational experience? Think about joining our student organization on campus (Carroll University Big Brothers Big Sisters) or become a Big — you can walk or drive to nearby schools, like Hadfield or Whittier.

Approximately 15% of campus Bigs are students at Carroll. If you have more questions about BBBS at Carroll University, contact Grace Fredrickson.  Click to email Grace.