Little Sister Lymesha and her Big Sister Sue have been matched since 2010. When they were first matched, Mesha was struggling in school, particularly with math and reading.

Sue has made it a point to focus on Mesha’s education. In their weekly meetings, Sue makes homework a priority, and Mesha now understands the importance of education. Even during the summer months, Sue works with Mesha to improve her math and reading skills. The two are writing a story together to help Mesha with her writing.

Sue also introduces Mesha to new people, new environments, and new experiences. “I take her to things outside of her normal world,” said Sue. She wants Mesha to embrace diversity, and she knows this will help her become more confident.

Mesha appreciates having Sue in her life. “I like her and feel safe with her. I like that we agree about things and can talk about our adventures together.” With Sue’s help, Mesha is on the path toward a bright and successful future.