Left to right:  REACH Coordinator Stephanie Perry; Match Support Specialists Kerry Bloomquist, Erin Walczak, Erin Norskog, Dominique Bledsoe, & Kim Pappas;  Director of Match Support & Youth Outcomes Karina Simons

Our Match Support Team

Dominique Bledsoe
Match Support Specialist
(414) 831-4574
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Kerry Bloomquist
Match Support Specialist
(414) 831-4568
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Erin Norskog
Match Support Specialist
(414) 831-4566
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Erin Walczak
Match Support Specialist
(414) 831-4562
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Stephanie Perry
REACH Coordinator
(414) 831-4567
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Karina Simons
Director of Match Support & Youth Outcomes
(414) 831-4565
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