Little Brother James and Big Brother AJ have been matched since 2011.  James was just ten years old when he was matched with AJ.  His mom wanted him to have a positive male role model in his life.  AJ became that consistent presence, “somebody showing up” week after week through James’ childhood and into high school…and they’re still going strong!

AJ played a BIG role in James’ education—motivating him through challenging times.  “Academics are the first thing we talk about,” James said.  AJ proudly highlights James’ “amazing test scores,” including an ACT that impressed his mother, his teachers, and even James  himself.  James is now looking at colleges and planning to further his education.  He is thankful to his Big Brother for keeping him motivated.  “You never know your truest potential until you try,” AJ said.

Congratulations James and AJ, our 2018-19 Brother Match of the Year!

Hear from AJ and James in their own words:

Matches of the Year

Each year we celebrate the positive impact of mentoring relationships by selecting an outstanding Big Brother/Little Brother match and Big Sister/Little Sister match. Our Matches of the Year represent hundreds of wonderful Bigs and Littles involved in our programs, and help us by being ambassadors for mentoring throughout the year.

Matches are selected based on the following criteria:

• the length of the match
• the strength of the relationship between the Big and Little
• demonstrated success in achieving positive outcomes
• connection and affiliation to our BBBS agency