Little Brother Kamerin and Big Brother Drew were matched four years ago when Kamerin was nine years old.  This fall, Kamerin began the eighth grade at Butler Middle School.  Kamerin is intelligent, well-spoken, and thoughtful.  His mother Sara enrolled him in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program because she felt he would benefit from an additional male role model in his life who could encourage Kamerin try new things and expand his horizons.

Drew is friendly, outgoing, and down to earth.  He had been a mentor in the past and understands the impact a positive role model.

Kamerin and Drew are an active match who enjoy sports and being outdoors.  They maintain a focus on Kamerin’s education.  Over the past four years, Kamerin has become more confident and is much more open to new experiences and trying new things.

Bethany and Margaret were matched in 2010 when Bethany was eight years old. Bethany is now a sophomore in High School.

Margaret is professional, down to earth, and kind.  She decided to become a Big Sister because she enjoys working with youth and felt our program was a great fit.

Bethany is polite, mature, and very well spoken.  She relies on Margaret as a role model and friend.  They have a very open and honest relationship that is built on mutual trust and respect.  With Margaret’s consistent support, guidance, and friendship, Bethany has grown into a very confident, mature, and responsible young woman and is a very strong student.

Hear from our latest Matches of the Year in their own words:

Matches of the Year

Each year we celebrate the positive impact of mentoring relationships by selecting an outstanding Big Brother/Little Brother match and Big Sister/Little Sister match. Our Matches of the Year represent hundreds of wonderful Bigs and Littles involved in our programs, and help us by being ambassadors for mentoring throughout the year.

Matches are selected based on the following criteria:
• the length of the match
• the strength of the relationship between the Big and Little
• demonstrated success in achieving positive outcomes